Welcome to the web page of the Front Range Robotics club.  The club is for all folks interested in Robotics in the Northern Colorado area.  Including Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont and Boulder area.  Even if your not in the area your still welcome to join the fun.  The club has been in existence sense early 2001.  FRR is a open club, there are no memberships, fees or dues.  Just show up and enjoy sharing the challenge and fun of autonomous home build robotics.  Sign up for the clubs email list serv at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FrontRangeRobotics/

We meet the First Wednesday and the Third Wednesday of the month, starting around 6:00 pm.   The meetings are in a business office in the Drake Professional Park.  2627 Redwing Road, suite 240, Fort Collins.  Drake Park Map   Its the south most middle building, labled as "Creekside One".  Enter from the south entrance.

The $50 Robot Challenge!
Were going to try a buildup of small robot challenges using a '$50 Club Robot'.  The idea is to do some regular small events using a simple common platform.  The robots will probably cost more than $50 after a lot of little events have been done with them.  The idea is to start quick and dirty with a mostly common platform design for a group of folks.  Set a challenge idea up every few meetings and see if the robots can be doing something interesting within a fairly short turnaround.

Photos and notes from past meetings 

1st Quarter 2008
FRR Fire Fighting Contest 2008

January 2006
December 2005

November 2005
Critter Crunch 2005
September 2005 meeting
IEEE robot competition 2005
March 2005
February 2005 meetings
January 2005 meetings
December 2004 Wednesday night meetings
Nov 2004 3D robot photos
Hack Meeting October 27, 2004
Critter Crunch 2004, a great time!
Photos and comments from the Hack meeting on October 20, 2004
Photos and comments from the August 2004 monthly meeting

FRR has a number of continually going robot competitions such as Mini-Sumo.
 Great site for rules and explanations of Mini-Sumo

FRR has created some original contest of our own such as the 'Object Grabber' contest.
 Object Grabber Rules

Every year in October, is the annual Critter Crunch at the Mile Hi Con, a science fiction convention.  FRR enters Critters and also show our autonomous bots.
  Link to the MileHiCon

Robot Projects, stuff others have designed and you may find useful!
PID controller using Back EMF as the Control Feedback
Build Your Own Ultra-Sonic Sonar Range Finders and Save a Bundle!
LCD & 8 Key Button, Serial Display I/O Module

Links to some of our members web sites
 Dennis Clark, Author of several robotics books!
 Dan Michaels, lots on walking robots
 Terry Fritz, Killer robots!
 Terry also has a cool sensor he has created, details here!
 Galen's cool robots
 Derek Zahn, battle bots with alarming names!
 Joe Strout, Robot Log
 Kim Wheeler, Local robotics company